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For a short biography of Marion Feltmate see the year 1932


Marion's next five-year diary starts on January 1, 1948 when she is in northern Ontario visiting her brother Jamie, his wife Hazel and daughter Patsy. On her return home, Marion stops in Toronto and visits a surprising number of people from Guysborough County: Merle and Agatha Munroe, Sylvia and Goldie and Rita (her Williams cousins from Queensport), her cousin Calvin Grover. In Montreal she visits Angelo, the boy who had boarded with them during wartime in Whitehead, and also visits her Armsworthy cousins. Then she has a stop in Halifax to visit more friends and relatives. She arrives back home in Whitehead on May 29, 1948. -pf]


May 29: Arrived home and there's lots of fog. Beatrice, Gloria & Joyce came home with us for their father's funeral. [The three girls were the daughters of James "Jim" Henderson Duncan. Their mother was Laurel Edna (Grover). The other children in this family were Earl, Pearl and Kay. Jim Duncan was a son of Angus and Eliza Ann (MacDuff) Duncan -pf]

Jun 4: Connie [Grover] & I up to see Joyce, Gloria and Beatrice

Jun 22: Red Cross Dance. Edna, Bertha, Connie, Lillian & I went up in John's car to the school. I sold tickets on a cushion. 10.65 (sold for 2.50 ). Came home just ahead of Mama.

Jun 24: Cleaned church p.m. Mama & Lillian [Conrad?], Edna [Rhynold? or Duncan?], Alice [Duncan], Ina [Grover], Lizzie [Porter], Minnie [Munroe], Ethel [Grover]

Jun 25: Went to Aunt Ethel's [Grover]. Colin & Evelyn & Sonny there. I went to the the show alone. Connie & I came down.

Jun 26: Mama got sick in the night and Dr Stanton was up today.

Jun 28: Pa & Carroll to the school meeting and show. Mailed Patsy's pillow & pussy willows.
Chisholms came home from Canso

Jun 30: Dance for Edna Duncan tonight. Danced with Kenneth, Placide, Fougere, and Leslie and played.

July 2: Went to the show: The Guilt of Mrs Ames

Jul 7: Dance for Union. a fight outside. There was another one after I left

Jul 11: Went to see Mrs Conrad. Church tonight.

Jul 12: Went to show. They cracked gum and smoked all evening.

Jul 17: Mrs Chisholm in a short while. We moved the dressers (upstairs)

Jul 21: Dance tonight. Joe Grant played. We made $56 for the organ. Lightening.

Jul 22: They took Joe Grant home. The boys came home noisy. George was trying to get us up. We stayed in bed. [probably her Uncle George Grover -pf]

Jul 23: Connie & I in Back Cove. Whit Langley arrived. George Fraser and Earl Duncan here.

Jul 24: Langley left. Connie & I played fiddle & organ.

Jul 25: Went to church but no minister. Bad roads.

Aug 6: Good show. Frontier Gal.

Aug 8: Reta's baby christened Alden Enos. Then Communion. Hughie Duncan here. Also Aunt Anne [Williams], Let [Williams], Helena [nee Williams] and Pete [Carroll, her husband]. They took Mama & Pa over [probably to Queensport] and brought them back. [Reta Hilda Munroe and her husband Enos Munroe had a new baby -pf]

Aug 10: Mama & I stayed to Mrs Chisholm's while they went to the dance in Port Felix.

Aug 11: Connie here. We went to her place for tomatoe sandwiches. Doug Fraser came home. [Doug Fraser was son of Bill (called Saddy) Fraser and Jessie (Kirby) -pf]

Aug 12: Guild at Edna's

Aug 13: Edna Duncan, Joyce, Pearl, & Kay here tonight. It rained!!

Aug 14: Eddie Sade sang and Eddie Boujour danced and after the show there was a dance. Everyone had a good time.

Aug 15: Agatha [Munroe] & I got Joe Pinto to sing for us.

Aug 16: Doug Fraser helped me clean [clear?-pf] yarn and had salad here. Agatha & I for a walk to Bertha's and saw the yachts. [probably Bertha Pyche, Horace's daughter-pf]

Aug 18: Doug Fraser went this morning

Aug 19: Arleux crew rowed in from the wreck. We had 15 for dinner. Edna had 5. Lillian 1. Celie [Uloth] 1. Aunt Fan & family [Grover] and minister here tonight. [There are clippings in Marion's scrapbook about the wreck of the Arleux.-pf]

Aug 21: Burn here for dinner and his daughter Joan.

Aug 28: Choir practise at Ina's [Grover] Meeting at church for [one hour? ink is blotched -pf]. The tower has to be torn off.

Sep 1: Blowing but not as bad as expected

Sep 5: Agatha & I hiking & taking pictures

Sep 8: the mail didn't get in til 12

Sep 9: Gladys [Duncan], Dorothy [(Duncan) Baker], Eddie [Baker], children & Aunt Deen [Zenia (Grover) Duncan] here for dinner. Guild here tonight. Myres (Mrs) here with Aunt Ina [Grover].

Sep 10: Bob Feltmate & wife & Whitney here. [Robert Stoland Feltmate had married Mary "Minnie" George in 1905 at the rectory in Queensport. They lived in Whitehead for many years, but  by 1936 they were in Portland, Maine. Whitney lived, married and died in Massachusetts. -pf]

Sep 13: Agatha & I to Mary Rhynold's and Celie's [(Armsworthy) Uloth]

Sep 18: Jamie, Hazel & Patsy arrived [Marion's brother and family from Ontario -pf]

Sep 19: Took Edna R. to the Haulover. Went in to see Mrs George Munroe. Church tonight.

Sep 22: Bishop                here. Nice bishop. Confirmed Pearl [Duncan], Kay [Duncan], Lois, Aneta and Forman [McCabe]

Sep 23: Guild at Aunt Fan's [(Jamieson) Grover]. Hazel & Jamie & I went up later. Arthur [Rhynold] & Leslie [Duncan] took us out in the big boat today.

Sep 30: Jamie, Hazel, & Patsy had supper at Ina's [(Roberts) Grover]. Connie [Grover] & Patsy had ice cream at Purvis' [George?-pf] Came home with Everett [Feltmate], Angus [Feltmate, Everett's father] & Iola [(Peach) Feltmate, Everett's wife]

Oct 1: Jamie left this morning. Went to bed early.

Oct 2: New Baker. Rain tonight.

Oct 3: Church a.m. Thelma's baby James Robert [Ehler] christened.

Oct 6: scrubbed porch and waxed kitchen. Sammy & Agatha in the store p.m. Alltogether a good day.

Oct 8: Went to the show tonight. Alone but came home with Agatha, Connie, Sammy & a new guy Morgan MacGaughay

Oct 9: A crowd in the store. Busy

Oct 10: Ina [Grover] & I to the Harvest Festival at United Church. Alice J[amieson], Aunt Ann [(Grover) Williams], Marie [(Williams) Spidell] and Nancy [Spidell] here later

Oct 12: Rain. Connie here tonight. We went to Fred's [Rhynold] card play.

Oct 16: Slept p.m. Went to trim church tonight. Brought Annie Armitage & Howard Myers (her husband) down home. Helena [(Williams) Carroll], Uncle Simon {Williams], etc. here.

Oct 23: Connie [Grover] went to Fred's card play and won 1/4 mutton.

Oct 29: Went to the show. The Madame's Secret and Swing Your Partner with Lulu Bell & Scotty

Oct 30: Went to Masquerade. Had a dance with Steve Casey, 2 with Placide, 1 with Howard. Agatha [Munroe] and I came home together.

Nov 6: We cleaned the church tonight.

Nov 9: Mama, Alice [Duncan], Edna [Duncan], Lillian [Conrad] & I went to surprise Thelma [(Porter) Ehler] in her new home. There was Mrs MacDonald, Ella, Winifred [Munroe], Agatha [Munroe], Mrs Thurlow [Munroe], Clara [(Jones) Rhynold], Ina [Grover] & Connie [Grover] & Mary [Rhynold]

Nov 16: Aunt Ethel & I went to the school house meeting. Home & School Association.

Nov 18: Lillian & I went to Aunt Ina's Guild. Beatrice & Pearl, Agatha, Connie & I sat in the room. [This would be the front room or parlour]. Too many in the dining room. Beatrice & Pearl stayed with Alice.

Nov 20: Mama, Pa, Jessie & Bill [Fraser], teacher (Reta Kaye) & I went with John to the shower at Ella's

Nov 22: Connie & I to the show. Leave Her to Heaven

Nov 26: Mama & I to a good show. Three Little Sisters

Dec 4: Agatha & I to Virginia's shower. She's been married 10 months, rather late but loads of fun. and plenty beer. [This is probably Virginia Munroe who married Robert Ward Barrie. Virginia was a daughter of Bert and Lola Belle (Feltmate) Munroe -pf]

Dec 7: To Canso with Falcon [Duncan], Alice [Duncan] & John. Good X-ray report [Marion had had a bout of TB some years earlier -pf]

Dec 8: Rain a.m. Walked up the road with Agatha. Made a powder cover for Annie. Nurse here.

Dec 10: Connie & I got a tree. A whopper. too big for me. She took it.

Dec 11: Snow everywhere

Dec 13: Falcon [Duncan] cut a new hole in the flu

Dec 14: Connie & I to the Haulover also to Harry's [Feltmate] and Angus's [Feltmate] to see Iola [(Peach) Feltmate]. Nauphila Shipwreck. 5 men rowed ashore.

Dec 22: Decorated church today

Dec 23: Trimmed my tree

Dec 24: Cleaned the floors. Went to Aunt Ethel's. Connie & Agatha called for me after the show. Ma, Pa & I went to church 11.30

Dec 25: Connie & I to Agatha's awhile. Vic & Bernie sang. Pa was to Wilfred's & Clarence's. Mrs Conrad, Lillian, Helen C here p.m. Went to Lillian's tonight. Ma, Pa & I went to Connie's tonight. aunt Ethel etc there.

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