contributed by Archie Munroe (nephew)

Harley "Beattie" Munroe was born 1915 in Whitehead, a son of Thurlo Munroe and Mary Lavinia Uloth. These are some of the stories he recorded over the years.

Short Stories & To Bed
Short Stories & to Bed

We boys were growing up, and the bed was getting crowded with four of us in it or at least partly in it. Something had to be done so Pa said he would make us another bed. The oldest brother was sent over to Uncle Joe's barn for hay for the ticking, and when he got back the bed was finished. It was made from ballast flooring out of the boat, and four posts of 4 x 4 spruce. The board slots were spaced about four inches apart. This made a fine bed for the first week or two until the hay was all hanging in little bags between the slots and when you got out. In the morning your back would be like a venetian blind.

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