contributed by Archie Munroe (nephew)

Harley "Beattie" Munroe was born 1915 in Whitehead, a son of Thurlo Munroe and Mary Lavinia Uloth. These are some of the stories he recorded over the years.

My Father
My Father

Thurlo Munroe was a very respected and conspicuous person not that he was a forward extending person. He didn't stand out in the crowd. His popularity was due to his achievements and cleverness in his talents as a boat builder and high line fisherman.
Pa could have the effect of 140 lbs. his weight in dynamite, or I have seen him cry with disappointment over an acquaintance that would do a mean act. This reminds me of an instance in 1927. We had a young minister in the Church of England down home. He used to come to our place a lot. The poor guy had no money. The church collection was pennies. If you put a five-cent piece in the plate you always took out your four cents change. Remember how the churchwarden who took up the collection, ours was Jim Grover, a very devoted pillar of the church, always had squeaky shoes. When he was getting near a pew you could hear the snap snap of the purses being opened, then they would pass the pennies along to the children and always a child would drop his pennies on the hard wood floor. Those pennies were larger than today's quarters. When the penny fell, the hymnbooks would be lowered, all eyes were on the floor. The penny would roll and roll until someone would stomp on it. All the time Jim would be standing waiting for the capture.
Now like I was saying Mr. Thompson the young minister was at our house. As you go through the years, we pass through different fads and customs. At
that time the fad was people who had paper money carried it in their pocket with a rubber band around it. On this Saturday that Mr. Thompson was at our house, they were having the traditional bean supper in the church hall. Mr. Thompson said my funds are very low for the supper, he took his money out of his pocket. A one-dollar bill with the rubber band around it and like I was saying about Pa, he reached in his pocket and had two dollars, which he gave to the minister. Of course Ma had the money laid by for us kids, seven of us at twenty-five cents a head. And believe me we were all quite happy.

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