contributed by Archie Munroe (nephew)

Harley "Beattie" Munroe was born 1915 in Whitehead, a son of Thurlo Munroe and Mary Lavinia Uloth. These are some of the stories he recorded over the years.

Card Games
Card Games

n the fall some of the village people would have a pig or a steer to kill. All us kids would be warned to stay away from that home. After the creature had hung up a couple of days, and was cut up, the men would have two or three evenings work delivering pieces of meat to all the neighbors.
I remember Uncle Joe coming at night with a parcel of meat and carrying his candle lantern and of course if it were icy he would have his creepers on.
A week or two after the killing the evenings would be spent on card playing and when people play cards in the country for meat, geese, socks, etc., they are serious, not fooling. I've been at card parties where I've been scared to death. When some of those old guys with hands like hams would hit the jack with the five they would pick up the lamp off the table with one hand and bring the five down with the other and when the cards and ash trays were picked up off the floor the game would resume.
This one lady of the village was always good to the kids and asked us in for a piece of pie or cookies. She was a lovely cook; her pies were very neat. She would crimp the edges with her false teeth.

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