Larry's River Post Office
Larry's River Post Office
The Post Office at Larry's River opened in May 1869.
The building pictured here is fairly new.
Postmasters over the years were
Joseph Fougere from May 1, 1869 to Janaury 21, 1876 (resigned)
Isadore Delauriers from June 1, 1876 to July 1, 1879 (resigned)
Edward Pelrine from January 1, 1881 to December 13, 1894 (resigned)
Fred A. Mahoney from March 1, 1895 to January 5, 1897
Ed. B. Pelrine from March 1, 1897 to December 10, 1916 (died)
Simon J. Pelrine from July 1, 1918 to October 8, 1931 (political partisanship)
Miss Nina Theresa Murphy from Novemeber 7, 1931 to June 1973?
E.S. Avery from July 19, 1973
(information source - The National Archives of Canada -
online resources - Archivianet)

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