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November 20, 2011

We have started adding St. Ann's early church records
Special thanks to Joan, Eileen and Eleanor for all their hard work
in transcribing and proof-reading.
And a huge thank you to Father Jonathan Nweke for letting us in to photograph the records.
The records were digitally photographed Summer 2010 by myself and my brother Mike, and
then handed over to the girls for transcribing. Then back to me to format for the
web and to print out and send back to the church.

March 12, 2004

Haven't updated this page in a while - but that doesn't mean things
haven't been added to the site.
We now have 600+ obituaries
Peggy Feltmate is transcribing her aunt's diary from 1930s-1960s

Check it out, it's under Misc items, a section which is growing
fast and becoming quite interesting
We've had lots of pictures added to the gallerys, thanks to Sandra Perro,
Fred Myers, Perle Connolly to mention a few.
Births from Larrys River & Charlos Cove 1893-1900, coutesy of Judy Doiron.


September 6, 2002

We've moved - our new url is

New obits added

La Sociétié des Acadiens / Acadiennes de Tor Baie
website is now up and running.

Join us as we prepare for CMA 2004


April 14 - Aug 5, 2002

obits added
GROVER, H. Odessia
McTIERNAN (Pellerin), Harriett
PELLERIN, Stephen Remi
LANGILLE (Pitts Pettipas), Anne Elizabeth
PITTS, Cecilia Agnes
PITTS, Simon Joseph
GROVER, James Elisha
MUNROE, Joseph Livingston
EVERETT, Diane Cleothia
MUNROE, Muriel Josephine
MUNROE, Isabel
RICHARD, Clarence Stephen
SKINNER, Mary Marina
MUNROE, Mrs Elsie Frances
KNAPMAN , Marion Jenette
SCHRADER, Edgar Archibald
KIGHT, Dorothy M
McISAAC, Harold Conrad (Connie)
BOWERS, Honora Elizabeth (Nora)
RICHARD, Archibald Wilson
LeVANGIE, Francis B
GROVER, William Lawrence (Bill)
RICHARD, Maurice Gerald
RATH, Lockena Mary

under misc -
Recipes - 3 new entries
Cole Harbour News - Aug 24, 1951 & Nov 20, 1934
News - Ship Union grounded at Whitehead Aug 5, 1854
Memoriums - 1 new entry
Landmarks - several new entries


April 14, 2002
obits added - Mrs. Isabella Munroe - 1834 - 1910


March 10 - 22, 2002 - additions

under HISTORY & also CENSUS
Historical Sketch of the Guysborough Munipcal Council

Obituaries for Mrs. Raymond David, Joseph "Gus" Pelrine, John Pelrine, Charles Nicholas Pellerin, Leo Augustus Fougere, Walter Fougere

Under MISC > Goodies from School Text Books (new category)
Weights and Measures - circa 1920s

Story about Henry Avery in Borneo - "Victim of Japanese reunited with brother after 22 years - 1947


March 10, 2002 Have had many updates in the past month - Thanks to Eileen Avery, Geneva Fougere, Sandra MacKenzie, Brad Pellerin, & Peggy Feltmate for their contributions (hope i didn't miss anyone)

- the 1901 Whitehead / Port Felix / Cole Harbour census is complete!!
- there are now 339 obituaries on the site.
- under "Headstones", there are some lists from the County Courthouse Museum
- under GALLERY, lots of new pics

- under Births , Deaths, and Marriages, quite a bit has happened.
1. Births - Guys, Co. Civil Birth Register - year 1864

2. Baptisms - Christ Church Anglican Random extracts Dates ranging from 1790 - 1867
3. Engagements - NEW Category - 1 entry
4. Wedding Announcements - from newspapers - 6 new entries
5. Landmarks - NEW category - Birthdays, Anniversaries, Retirements, etc - 14 entries
6. Deaths - Civil Register - updated Jan 20, 2002
- under MISC items -
Poetry & Songs - 3 items
NEW Category - Recipes - nothing here yet
Newspaper Articles - general area news - 26 items total
Newspaper articles - specific events - 10 items total
Blizzard of 1910
other things under Misc include - land grants, deeds, leases, wills, petitions, diaries etc.
- WARTIME Honour Roll - some new entries
posted - March 11, 2002 Christ Church Anglican - Guysborough Random extracts 1789 - 1866



Sunday December 3, 2000
The next WORLD ACADIAN CONGRESS will take place in Nova Scotia on 30 July to 15 August 2004. This will be the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the Acadians in Nova Scotia. During that two week period, there will be family reunions held from Yarmouth to Sydney. Most of families here today are decendants or have some connection to the PELLERIN's , and for that reason, the PELLERIN FAMILY REUNION will be held at that time in Larry's River. Please contact M Perle (Levangie) Connolly or Lloyd Boucher within the next two weeks, so we can foward this to the provincial committee. Anyone can have a reunion, but they must be registered. As well, Pellerin's or related members should confirm that they wish to host their reunion.


December 2000

We're undergoing a facelift, I hope to have it completed soon, please
be patient, and let me know of any broken links you may find.


June 2000

Well, we are officially a year old now!!
Wow, how time flies.
There have been lots of updates recently.
Check out the 'Births Deaths Marriages' section.
Lots of new stuff there...but we're stll looking for more.
Mike's been hard at work on his Guysborough Family Tree Project and is probably soon ready for an update.
A new section to look for in the near future will be 'The Wartime Honor Roll', A section dedicated to those from the area who served in the forces during the Wars.


If you have a connection to the area, please
Send an email to torbay28@hotmail.com

We hope that this site grows over time and that we can link all the people researching the area together and have some great photos (old and new).

If you have a webpage with a connection to the area send us a link


Some of the types of information we will be adding:


(researchers and surnames have been combined into one area, to make things less confusing)












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