Tewksbury Almshouse Inmate Case Histories
The following was found in the Tewksbury Almshouse Inmate Case Histories, Vol. 31, 2/1879 to 10/1879, Tewksbury, MA., cases 57007 and 57607: 57007
Monroe, Maggie, 16, came there from Salem Feb. 25, 1879. 16, born Whitehead, N. S., landed in Boston Aug. 1877 with sister, Lizzie, 20, who had been here 10 years and went home after Maggie. Since at work in shoe shops Salem and Beverly. Enceinte by Daniel Gillis, 19, a bar tender at Endicott House, Salem. Met him on the street over a year ago. Passed the night with him at Derby House twice, at no other time, with no others. Last lived with Mrs. Ives, St. Peter St., Salem. Sister, Lizzie, in family of Mrs. Morse, Beverly. Father, George, died in Gloucester in 1868, had been there but a short time. Mother, Rebecca, wife of William Phalon, Whitehead, N. S. Discharged Jan. 24, 1880. 57607 - Monroe, Henry, born July 15, 1879.
originally posted to the NSRoots mailing list by Shirley Rathbun, and posted here with her permission.

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