This poem appeared in the St. Joseph's, Port Felix, parish bulletin, probably sometime in Spring 1974. The author's name was not given.

Mystery solved by Glenda Colp. She remembers the parish priest Father Hughie MacDonald singing the song at a concert in Port Felix, so sounds like he was the author.
come my friends and fill your glass
And listen to my song.
I am a roving sailor lad,
A man of many a wrong.
I sleep in trees and shoot the breeze
On land and sea and foam,
And often wished I'd never left
My Old Port Felix Home.
ort Felix is a Village Small
With houses by the sea,
With many kind and human hearts
That are so dear to me.
Though I have travelled far and wide
Wuth friends who loved to roam
My heart with joy would always turn
To my Port Felix Home.
he Bonds and Boudreaus have been there
For many years they say-
Bellfontaines, Caseys, Cashins too-
They still are there today.
They're all my friends, I wish then well
In sorrow and in joy.
No truer friends I've ever known
Since I was first a boy.
he Avery Names, the Pellerines,
The Smiths and the Surettes
Are music to my practised ear
Like music of casettes.
And I would be untrue to you
And false as friends from Krone
Did I o'erlook the David name
Whose fame is so well known.
eBlanc, Fougere and King and Marr
Are names in my home land.
And I am proud of all of them,
My love they do command.
But there are other families
Whose names I know full well,
And if you listen while I sing
These names to you I'll tell.
here's George and Jelleau, Emmons, too,
Fitzpatrick and DeCoste.
To all of these I would propose
My very finest toast.
And how could I forget Woodroffe,
McGrury or Greencorn!
They are an honor to Felix
The Port where I was born.
oudrey, Creamer and Richard
Are names upon my list.
And I would ne'er forgive myself
If Tibbo I had missed.
is long as sun and moon will shine
And waves break on the shore
I'll ask my God to bless them all,
1 could not ask for more.
evandier is the final name -
That I will mention here.
Behind that name there is a fame
That rings out loud and clear.
So now my friends we ask you all
To raise your wine-cup high
And drink a healthy toast to all,
My friends before they die.
Allay your useless fears .
When Time is done and all are gone
To shores where angels trod
May all Felicians meet again
Before the Throne of God."
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