Guysborough Times - May 4th, 1911
White Head: 1911

Times are very dull around here at present as a good many had to haul their lobster pots on account of ice.

Mr Flemming's gasoline engine passed through here Saturday.

Mr John Davis was in town Thursday with license for lobster packers

Mr Harold McMillan was visiting his sister on Friday and Saturday returning Sunday afternoon to Raspberry where he is engaged as bookkeeper in F S Andrew's Factory

A large body of heavy gulf ice appeared off our coast, south east White Head on 25th inst. and on the 26th it came in shore blocking all harbors east and destroying several hundred dollars worth of lobster fishermen's gear. Several large steamers and fishing vessels had to come to White Head and wait till the passage opened for them through the ice.

On the 27th a large steamer off shore blew her whistle for a pilot. Captain Arthur Munroe boarded her and brought her safely to anchor in White Head harbor. She proved to be the S S Hero of Bergen Norway, a ship of about two thousand tons in ballast from Halifax bound for Pictou. On the following day a large three masted American schooner, Sawyer Brothers, from Maine, bound to Magdalen for herring, was piloted in by Captain Munroe.

The following schooners were in port on the 27th: S S Seabird, Halifax for Gaborous; Sch. Calovica, Halifax, from banks; Schr. Defender, bound to Banks; Sshrf Douglas Adams, bound to Banks; S S Carrit from Isaac's Harbor for Louisburg; Schr. Massachusetts, american, for Banks; Schr. Arcadia, American, for Banks. The fleet included seven steamers, thirteen fishing vessels and several coasters. All steamers with the exception of Seabird sailed on the 28th.

There is about thirty schooners in port today. It would take up too much of your valuable space to give all their names.

A government steamer with barges in tow is in port waiting chance to go east.


contributed by Peggy Feltmate


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