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August 28, 1959
Newpaper name: "___ws Publishing Co. Ltd. Truro, N.S."


Larry's River Native Recalls First
Trip to U.S. 69 Years Ago --
Total Cost $3


Larry's River, Aug 26. One of the many U. S. visitors to Larry's River this summer was Mrs. Margaret White pictured above of Lynn, Mass. Mrs. White (nee Margaret Gerrior) was born here 83 years ago and is the daughter of the late Michael Gerrior and Julia Mannette. Despite her advanced age, she still enjoys good health and has a keen memory. Among the many interesting incidents of her childhood, Mrs. White recalls when she first went to the United States at the age of 14, making the entire voyage by water, first from Larry's River to Halifax on a coastal vessel skippered by the late Isaiah Fougere, then on the "Old Caroll", a passenger boat plying between Halifax and Boston. Leaving home with the fabulous sum of $7.00, she still had $4.00 left on arrival at her destination, having made the entire trip at a cost of $3.00. "All dolled up," as she humously [sic for humorously?] puts it herself" in my high wooden pegged leather boots, a white straw hat ____ ____ home-made red flannel dress trimmed with three rows of braid, and complete with bustle, I was greeted at the Boston pier on that August [10?] day by my aunt Addie and uncle Gus, and a 95-degree temperature. "The $4.00 I had left" continues Mrs. White," were promptly mailed back to Capt. Joe Fougere, a local merchant who had fitted me out for the trip." Asked how far she thinks she would get today on $3.00, she replied, "Across the street for a meal, providing you're not too hungry." When asked if she enjoys her visits to her native Larry's River, Mrs. White replied, "build me a [____ ___] here [___ ___] spend the summer [months?] and I'll be the happiest woman in the world."

submitted by Geneva Fougere - transcribed by Eileen Avery




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