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April 1992
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During a recent Dart Tournament at the Royal Canadian Legion, Guysborough, a local man, Mr. David Torrey, saved the life of Mr. Frank Avery. Mr. Torrey was standing beside Mr. Avery when he noticed that he was turning "colours." "I though [sic] he was sick at first," said Mr. Torrey. He then realized that Mr. Avery was chocking [sic] on a piece of hot-dog. Mr. Torrey quickly grabbed him and performed the Heimlich Manoeuvre. "It took about eight or nine good thrusts before it came out," said Mr. Torrey. "I've only seen the Heimlich Manoeuvre done on T.V. once, on Rescue 911," he said.

submitted by Geneva Fougere - transcribed by Eileen Avery




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