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February 17, 1949
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Gets to school on time


Larry's River, Feb 17 -- Edmund AVERY, young schoolboy at the Larry's River School, didn't let a dunking in the river stop him from getting to his classes on time, even though he had lost his books in the river. Edmund was on his way to school one day last week and decided to take a short cut across the ice. About half-way across, however, he struck a soft spot and plunged through, into the icy water. A companion, Wallace PELLERIN, who had been following close behind, saw his chum's plight and at the risk of his own life succeeded in catching hold of the struggling boy's collar and dragging him to safety. Edmund then dashed home, got into dry clothing and managed to beat the nine o'clock bell by a matter of minutes. It wasn't until he arrived at school, it is reported, that he realized that he lost his books in the river.

submitted by Geneva Fougere - transcribed by Eileen Avery




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