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The Antigonish Casket
Thursday, July 30, 1891




White Haven
Miss Maggie MacDonald has gone to Antigonish for four weeks vacation.

A fishing trip is being talked of, and all who enjoyed the last one will be sure to go to this.

Miss Katie Carrol, teacher, has recieved an accepted call to the Catholic school at Thorburn, Pictou Co.

A bright little lad went into one of our stores the other day and inquired if there is not a bounty on killing crows, his countenance fell upon being told there was not.

Here is a problem in mathematics we would like to have some of our scholars solve, namely, if a man snicked five cents worth of tobacco a day, for 60 years, how much would it amount to if the money were saved and put at compound interest semi-onnually [sic] at 8 per cent.

For the past three or four weeks there has been a mystery attending our school house, windows have been broken, doors broken open and seats and benches smashed, although watches have been set. Still those evil doers are clouded in mystery. To those evil doers we would say, select some specialty for your life's work, let your motto be industry, truth and honesty, which in the course of your life you will find will suit you better than roving around at nights drinking rum and destroying public property. Love your country and obey her laws. Shun the saloon, it is the greatest curse on earth.

This is certainly the season for pic-nics and they are having them all over the province for the past three weeks. One of the best ever that ever was held in this part of the country, was held at Port Felix, about three miles from here, on Wednesday and Thursday, of last week, in aid of the Roman Catholic church. It was held on the spacious glebe gorunds overlooking the harbor, the beautiful gorunds were made more attractive by trees, etc., trimmed for the occassion, they all looked very brilliant and attractive under the many yards of bunting, representing five different countries. The famous MacIsaac, Cashin and Williams orchestra furnished the music, and the dancing was more than enjoyed by the young and old. The refreshment tables were in charge of P. Webb, Davie, Ed., and Stephen Boudrot, with a full staff of assistants, and the ladies to [sic] numerous to mention had their dinner and tea tables filled with the best of the season, they are to be commended for their active service and for the earnestness they manifested in the work. There was some disappointment in regards to weather as it was very wet and foggy the first day, but notwithstanding the drawback the gathering was very large, the life-stirring bagpipes and fiddle were there to contribute to the day's sport, and it did us good to note how well everyone enjoyed themselves and the good temper and grace which prevailed from beginning to end. Rev. A.E. Mombourquette, our popular and genial pastor generally superintended the arrangement of affairs, and no trouble was spared by him to make the occassion enjoyable to all. The affair was a grand success and a handsome sum was realized which will be used for church purposes.





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