Blizzard of 1910 Ballad

The ballad was published in the Guysborough Times, April 20, 1911, page 2, column 4.
sung to the tune of "The Star of Logy Bay"
Contributed by Peggy Feltmate


Loss Of Capt. Ruben Munro
and Son and Courtley Feltmate:

written by Billy Cy Feltmate

come all you hardy fishermen, let winter fishing go
To face the cold and winter seas, where howling winds do blow.
Pause here awhile and listen unto my tale of woe,
On a winter's night of a sad sad fate of Capt. Rub. Munro.

No braver boat was ever launched, or on the wild sea flew,
No braver hearts were ever known than of her brave crew.
Three hardy men of health and strength, daring winter's gale and storm,
Left tender wife and mother dear, to watch for their return.

Was in the year nineteen hundred and ten, January the fourth day,
This little craft with a north west wind from White Head bore away,
Bound out upon the haddock ground over the wild sea she did fly,
But little dreamed the seamen bold, how soon they all must die. .

With hearts aglow and fun carressed, they parted from those dear,
"Cheer up," said they, "we will soon be back, if it will but keep clear."
With aching hearts, while mothers weep, for none can tell the tale
Of the Juanita's fate, but all suppose she foundered in the gale.

What those dear men did suffer no one will ever know,
Upon that cold and stormy night, pounging ice and shoveling snow
The cruel waves engulfed their boat; no hand was there to save
This little band of noble men from a cold and watery grave.

od bless the loving ones that's gone and comfort those that weep
For husband, son and brother dear lies buried in the deep.
Departed from those loved one here, there is a brighter shore,
Where we may meet them all again, and partings are no more.




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