Whitehead Boats and Crew List

Blizzard of 1910

Contributed by Peggy Feltmate

My Aunt Marion's handwritten list of who was out in the Blizzard of 1910.
These were boats
local to the Whitehead area. The Halifax Herald reported that all the Canso boats got safely back to port without losses because they held a more sheltered course. :

The Geventa:

Charles Duncan

Abram Uloth

William Feltmate

The Juanita:

Ruben Munroe

Austen Munroe

Court Feltmate

The J.Lilly:

James Grover

Simon Williams

David Duncan

Albert Uloth

The Cora-Lee

Matthew Munroe

Lohnes Feltmate

Jim Dort

Edgar Munroe

Dennis Muise

The Dorothy G:

Daniel George

Rufus George

Angus Grover

Adam Fitzgerald

Robert Murphy

Joseph Grover

Arch Snow

The Zora J:

Loudon Munroe

Burt Munroe

Allen Munroe

John Fitzgerald

Charles Munroe

(no name):

Arthur Munroe

John Phaln

The Maud S:

Harvey Munroe

Howard Munroe

the Dorothy Aleta:

Wesley Munroe

  Clyde Munroe

Thomas Munroe

  Samuel Porter

Ander Fitzgerald

The Florence D:

William Digdon

Wiley Digdon

Willby Digdon

Galf Feltmate

William Grover

The Sun Rise

Thurlow Munroe

Melburne Munroe

Enoch Munroe

Samuel Duncan

Sidney Grover

The Margaret Kathleen

Patrick Conway

James Conway

Ander Munroe

Charlie Conway

John David.

The Sea-flea

Alden Munroe

  William Munroe

Cleve Munroe

William Fitzgerald

Thomas Feltmate

James Markey

The Emma Jane:

John George

Abe George

Dan George

Levi George

Norman Munroe

Allen Munroe

Robert Feltmate

(no name):

Angus Feltmate

Robert Conrad

Pat Feltmate

(no name):

Samuel Snow

  William Snow

Ezekiel Snow

The Ethel R:

James A Conway

Joe Fougere

Ed Conway

The Louise Ellen:

Daniel Casey

Dennis Casey

William A Feltmate

Alex Munroe



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