Blizzard of 1910

This is a partial article that was in the Canso Breeze .The original was torn and falling apart. I'm not sure when it was printed, but since Bernard Cashin is mentioned in the article, and he died Dec 31, 1969, can assume before then. (It is also after 1937, as there is something on the page with a copyright date of 1937) I'm not sure who the author was as that part is cut off along with the end of the letter.




Mr. Editor;

After reading Mell's letter regarding fishing and mention of the Blizzard of 1910 also Bernard Cashin's brief account of the same disaster, I decided to do, as some of my friends have asked - send in a list of boats and men concerned. Should I be fortunate and have this printed in the Breeze, I would would welcome any additions or corrections.
As in former accounts written in the Breeze, the day of the disaster January 4, 1910, was a beautiful calm day; in fact so calm that the men had to man their dories and tow their mother ships until they got outside the harbour. After the trawls were set and the men ready in their dories to "haul" back their trawls the N.W. gale and glizzard [sic] struck in full fury, taking three lives from this small community and wrecking boats and rigging. The names of the boats, Captains and crews appears as follows:
Boat "T. Lilly" - Capt. Geo. Grover with crew Thomas Grover(L), Simon Williams, David Duncan and Albert Uloth (L); The "Dorothy G" - Capt. Daniel George, crew Rufus George, Angus Grover, Adam Fitzgerald (there may be a cut-off line here) Robert Murphy (L), Joseph ___ver (probably Grover) and Arch Snow; the "Sea Flea" - Capt Alden Munroe with crew William Munroe, Cl___ Munroe, William Fitzgerald, Thomas Feltmate and James Markie. "Sun Rise" - Capt Thur__

Sorry that's where my copy ends





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