November 28, 1854

Transcription of a petition held at PANS, RG 5, Series P, Vol. 59, # 9,
for the construction of a canal at Whitehead.

contributed by Peggy Feltmate


Petition for Whitehead Canal


To the Honorable The House of Assembly in Legislature Session convened. The Petition of the Undersigned Inhabitants of Whitehead, Molasses Harbor, and Torbay in the County of Guysborough Humbly Sheweth that your Petitioners are principally Fisherman [sic] prosecuting their business in the vicinity of the above named localities. That your Petitioners recognize the disposition of your Honorable House to lessen the dangers to which your Petitioners calling is exposed and to promote the convenience and prosperity of your constituents engaged in the prosecution of the Fisheries. That among the improvements on their behalf to which the Provincial Legislature has lent its aid, the construction of canals to facilitate internal communication and thereby prevent exposure to the stormy seas and other dangers of the coast has been a favorite and useful object. Encouraged by this sympathy exhibited towards our class, your petitioners would respectfully bring to the notice of your Honorable House the necessity for the construction of a canal between Whitehead Harbor and Molasses Harbor at what is called the Haul Over in this county - with such a convenient and safe passage as the same would afford, Petitioners would be saved the stormy and frequently dangerous course they have under Present circumstances to take, and the prosecution of their business would thereby be promoted. That your petitioners being aware that the principal benefit of the proposed work would be of a local character are prepared to contribute in part their own labour towards its accomplishment and hope for the assistance of your Honorable House to secure its completion by a Grant from the Public funds. Your Petitioners therefore humbly pray that, your Honorable House will be pleased to take the Premises into your consideration and grant the sum of Fifty Pounds for the above object on the most favorable terms. And your Petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray

Whitehead, 28 Nov 1854

Alexander Boudrot JP
Martin Meagher JP
James Feltmate
John Casey
Michel Balnny [?]
John Casey Junior
Robert Spears
Andrew Monroe
Daniel Heffernan
Thomas Monroe
Alexander Monroe
John McKenzey
William Peitzsch
John Alexander Rider
Thomas Munro
George Peitzsch
William Munroe
William A Peitzsch
John Munroe Senr
John Munroe Junr
James McDuff
Samuel McDuff
James McDuff
Stephen Diggdon
Philip Diggdon
Symon Pilrine
Charles Pelrine
Denerie {?} Pelrine
Moses David
John David
Fredrick David
Mathew David Senior
William Cashin Senior
William Cashin Junior
John Cashin
Patrick Cashin
Patrick Flynn Saynior
Patrick Flynn Junor
Michael Flynn
John Meagher
Michael Meagher
James McDonnell
Alexander Boudrot [Junior? ink blot]
George Boudrot
Edward Boudrot
Joseph Boudrot
Thomas Richards
Andrew David
William David [2nd?]
Lewis Pelrine Senr
Judell {?} Pelrine
Ambrose Pelrine
Lewis Boudrot
Dominick Boudrot
Joseph Pilrine
Joseph Meagher
William Fouzier
Joseph Fouzier Ser
Joseph Fouzier Junr
Alexander Fouzier
Charles Leblong
Ehley Leblong
George Levougy
James ONeil
William ONeil
Paul Pittypaw
Joseph Pittypaw
Michael Avory
John Uloth
Stephen Snyder
Adam Uloth cior [Senior?]
George Uloth
Frederic Uloth
John Snyder
Adam Uloth
Jesper Groover
James Harigan
Charles Munrow
Alexander Hariggan
James Harigan
Charles Munrow
Alexander Hariggan
Moses Munrow
James Munrow
William Munrow 2nd
Matthew Gammon
George Jemmison Senr
Robert Jemmison
George Jemmison Jrnr
Charles David
Edward David
Joseph David 3rd
Joseph Dewarang [?]
Benjamine Richards
John Finley
Jestia Richards
William Richards
Simon Richards
Norris Richard
Charles Richards
Joseph Richards
Edward Richards
Luke Richards
John Avory
Felise [?] Avory
Benjamine Avory
Thomas Avory
Mick [Mich?] Avory 2ndd
M Benjamine Pelrine Senr
Lewis Pelrine
M Benjamine Pelrine Junr
Joseph Fouzier
Joseph Pilrine Senr
Benjamine Pelrine Senr
John Pelrine Senr
Joseph Pelrine Junr
Simon Pelrine
Simon Minute [?]
Michl Pelrine
Prospier [?] Fouzier
Heighbert Pilrine
Moses Avory
Charles Avory
Philip Webber Senr
Peter Webber
William Webber
George [Jamieson?]
Joseph Gammon
John Gammon
James Gammon
Philip Webber Junr





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