The following song was written as a direct result of visits made to Larry's River by many of its former residents who moved to the New Glasgow area to find employment. Many would scamper aboard a large truck to make the 2-3 hour trek, at the time, to spend their weekends with friends and family. Writer is unknown.

Contributed by Jude Avery

e all got together and decided to go,
Down to Larry's River for a good time you know,
The folks are so happy who live on that shore,
A welcome you'll find one at everyone's door.
e hired Tom Mills who runs a big truck,
Saying jump in her Tommy and trust the good luck,
Climb aboard you young fellas and help mademoiselle
We'll reach Larry's River, just drive her like hell.
ur first stop was Guysborough, it was a short time,
We stopped fifteen minutes for a good look around,
We met a big Mountie on his face was a grin,
Said boys keep on moving or I'll run yous all in.
ur next stop was Lundy (the Junction) and some went right through,
Some stopped off at Tony's to get some homebrew,
Big Amelia was there on her face was a smile,
I knew you were coming I could hear yous a mile.
e lay down our money two gallons of bug,
Gave Tony a quarter to pay for the jug,
Saying climb in the Old Ford just give her a yell,
We'll reach Larry's River just drive her like hell.

hen we got to Larry's River we all stopped our noise,
Father Forest he met us "you very fine boys,
Go to church in the morning confess all your sins,
In the evening stay home boys and drink up your gin".

arly the next morning to church we did go,
Respect for our preacher we all had to show,
He preached hell and damnation took a sip of his wine,
Now boys I was dragging for a good slug of mine.
o folks I have told you as far as we went,
Down to Larry's River not costing a cent,
The way those folks treated us was fit for a king,
They even invited us to come back in the Spring.
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