Bradford (Brad) Pellerin was a very respected and honourable individual who lived his life in the ideals of his Christian faith. He loved his wife, children and grandchildren beyond all else, and served as an idol to them all. Family was the most sacred of institutions, followed closely by community, which he served in many capacities showing superior leadership and compassion. He became a role model for everyone who knew him.
Though quiet by nature, his words of wisdom and his sense of direction were such that all who came in contact with him respected his views. Prior to his death, Brad assumed the position of President of l'Association des Acadiens/ennes de la Région de Tor Baie‚an organisation he led through its infancy and for which he was totally and passionately committed. Being Acadian for him was a gift for which he was forever proud. Nothing had more meaning and deserved more time and energy than his Acadian ancestry. To that end, Brad devoted endless hours and days writing, planning, and organizing events that would help in the promotion and preservation of his culture and history.
His early and untimely death in August 2002, has been a severe coup to his family and community. The Association that he helped to establish is continuing the task which he began, that is, the preparation of the 2004 Congrès Mondial des Acadiens, and more specifically, the organisation of the Pellerin Family Reunion to be held August 3 and 4, 2004, in Larry's River. As was his wish, all families of the area with Acadian lineage will share in this great event. From the tragedy of death, rises the greatest of opportunities. It is the hope of the community that what Brad began, will be successfully and proudly completed and serve as a model for all to enjoy.
written by Jude Avery - Posted January 11, 2003
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