Eileen Avery's line.
I put asterisks (**) in front of my line. They are also in RED

First Generation

**1. Jn (EVERIE) AVERY. Jn (EVERIE) d. bef 1809. Occupation: Farmer.


2 i. John (EVERY) (ca1782-1870)

**3 ii. Felix (EVERIE) (ca1795-1865)



Second Generation

2. John (EVERY) AVERY. b. ca 1782 USA. John (EVERY) d. Tor Bay, NS 22 Apr

1870; age 88. John m. Ann PELLERIN.

They had the following children:

4 i. Simon (ca1827-)

5 ii. Elizabeth

6 iii. Henry (ca1829-1866)

**3. Felix (EVERIE) AVERY. b. ca 1795 Chezzetcook, NS. Felix (EVERIE) d. TorBay, NS 14 Jan 1865; age 70. Felix m. Susanne PELLERIN, (possibly ca 1812 Chezzetcook, NS).

They had the following children:

**7 i. Benjamin (ca1815->1891)

8 ii. Toussaint (Thomas) (1820->1901)

9 iii. Charles (1820-ca1903)

10 iv. Michel (Michael) (ca1824-<1881)

11 v. Jean (John) (1825->1901)

12 vi. Marguerite (ca1825-1867)

13 vii. Louis (1830->1901)

14 viii. Simon

Note: the following could be children of either John (2) or Felix (3) above:

i. Adelaide AVERY b. ca 1813 at Larry’s River, NS,

m. André DAVID, fisherman (per 1871 census).

They had 3 children and possibly moved to Port Felix.

ii. Gertrude AVERY b.ca 1813 at Larry’s River,

m. Joseph DAVID, fisherman (1871 census has Joseph DAVID,

no. 004/004, with wife Catherine, not present in later census, possibly moved

to Port Felix.

iii. Moise (Moses) AVERY b. ca 1817 at Larry’s River, d. before 1881; Moise

m. Celeste (Sally) PETIPAS.

iv. Michel b. ca 1824 at Larry’s River, d. bef 1881; m. 6 Feb 1854 at St.

Peter’s, Tracadie to Tharsile MATHE, dau. of Moise MATHE & Marie BOUCHER.

v. Felix b. 15 Dec 1830 at Larry’s River, d. ca 1903, buried at St. Peter’s

Cemetery, Larry’s River; m. Anne (Nancy?) DeCOSTE.


Third Generation

4. Simon AVERY. b. ca 1827.


15 i. Margaret (ca1842-1864)

5. Elizabeth AVERY. On 5 Feb 1857 Elizabeth m. Michael PELLERIN, son of

Michael PELLERIN & Delia UNKNOWN, in Port Felix, NS.

6. Henry AVERY. b. ca 1829 Tor Bay, NS. Henry d. Tor Bay, NS 17 Mar 1866; age

37. Henry m. Angelique.


**7. Benjamin AVERY. b. ca 1815/16 Larry’s River, NS. Benjamin d. aft 1891; age 76. Occupation: Fisherman. bef 1848 when Benjamin was 33, he m. Angelique FOUGERE. b. ca 1820 Nova Scotia. Angelique d. aft 1891; age 71.

They had the following children:

16 i. Benjamin

17 ii. Margaret

18 iii. Abraham (ca1848-ca1880)

19 iv. Tealine (ca1851-)

20 v. Eliza (ca1855-)

**21 vi. Alexander John (1858-ca1903)

22 vii. Nancey (ca1865-)

8. Toussaint (Thomas) AVERY. b. 11 Jan 1820 Larry’s River, Guysborough Co.,

NS. Toussaint d. aft 1901; age 80. Occupation: Sea captain. On 13 Jan 1845

when Toussaint was 25, he m. Magdeline FOUGERE, dau. of Charles FOUGERE &

Euphrosine MANET, in Havre-boucher or St. Peter’s Tracadie. b. ca 1821.


They had the following children:

23 i. Phillip (1852-)

24 ii. Thomas (ca1850-)

25 iii. William (ca1851-)

26 iv. Simon (ca1855-)

27 v. Paul Jean (ca1858-)

28 vi. Judick (ca1857-)

9. Charles AVERY. b. 14 Dec 1820 Larry’s River, Guysborough Co., NS. Charles

d. ca 1903; age 82. bef 1846 when Charles was 25, he m. Félicité (or

Celeste?) PELLERIN. b. ca 1827.

They had the following children:

29 i. Isaac (ca1853-)

30 ii. Paul (ca1855-)

31 iii. George (ca1858-)

32 iv. Elizabeth (ca1846-)

33 v. Nancey (ca1852-)

10. Michel (Michael) AVERY. b. ca 1824/25 Larry’s River, Guysborough Co., NS. Michel d. bef 1881; age 57. Occupation: fisherman. On 6 Feb 1854 when Michel
was 30, he m. Tharsile MATHÉ, dau. of Moïse MATHÉ & Marie BOUCHER, in St. Peter’s, Tracadie, NS. b. ca 1831.


They had the following children:

34 i. Mary A. (ca1856-)

35 ii. John (ca1862-)

36 iii. Hubert (ca1864-)

37 iv. Moses (ca1867-)

11. Jean (John) AVERY. b. 5 Mar 1825 Larry’s River, Guysborough Co., NS. Jean d. aft 1901; age 75. Occupation: fisherman. Jean m. Barbe (Barbara) UNKNOWN. b. ca 1818.

They had the following children:

38 i. Mathew (ca1850-)

39 ii. Hubert (ca1855-)


12. Marguerite AVERY. b. ca 1825. Marguerite d. Port Felix, NS 22 Aug 1867; age 42. Marguerite m. Porphyre PETITPAS. b. 7 Feb 1832. Porphyre d. 1 Feb 1870;
age 37.


13. Louis AVERY. b. 6 Jan 1830. Louis d. aft 1901; age 70. On 23 Jan 1854 when Louis was 24, he m. Anne FOUGERE, dau. of Marcel FOUGERE & Veronique BOUCHER, in St. Peter’s church, Tracadie, NS.

14. Simon AVERY. On 8 Jan 1856 Simon m. Elizabeth DECOST, dau. of Dominic DECOST & Amelia UNKNOWN, in Port Felix, NS. b. Tracadie, NS.


Fourth Generation

15. Margaret AVERY. b. ca 1842 Larry’s River, Guysborough Co., NS. Margaret   d. Larry’s River, Guysborough Co., NS 10 Nov 1864; age 22.

16. Benjamin AVERY.On 10 Jan 1863 Benjamin m. Harriet PELLERIN, dau. of Joe PELLERIN & Nancy UNKNOWN, in Port Felix, NS.

17. Margaret AVERY. On 10 Jan 1863 Margaret m. John PELLERIN, son of Simon PELLERIN & Gertrude UNKNOWN, in Port Felix, NS.

18. Abraham AVERY. b. ca 1848 Nova Scotia. Abraham d. ca 1880; age 32. Occupation: fisherman. In Jan 1871 when Abraham was 23, he m. Mary Jane. b.
ca 1847/48 Nova Scotia.


They had the following children:

40 i. Margaret (ca1873-)

41 ii. Mary (ca1874-)

42 iii. Charles (ca1877-)

43 iv. Catherine (1880-)

19. Tealine AVERY. b. ca 1851 Nova Scotia.

20. Eliza AVERY. b. ca 1855 Nova Scotia.

**21. Alexander John AVERY. b. Sep 1858 Larry’s River, NS. Alexander John d. Cambridge, MA? ca 1903; age 44. Occupation: Fisherman in NS per census; bankrupt shop owner in NS 1888 per biography card file. On 11 Jan 1876 when Alexander John was 17, he m. Elizabeth DESLAURIERS, dau. of Isadore DESLAURIERS & Angelique EDGE, in Tor Bay, NS. b. Jun 1858 Nova Scotia. Elizabeth d. Cambridge, MA 21 Jan 1933; age 74.

They had the following children:

44 i. Elizabeth

45 ii. Benjamin

46 iii. Mary Jane (ca1879-ca1973)

47 iv. Abraham Henry (1881-ca1974)

48 v. Charlotte (1882-)

49 vi. Henry (William Henry) (1885-)

50 vii. Joseph Edward (1887-1918)

**51 viii. James Henry (1890-1973) (my grandfather)

52 ix. Leah (1892-)

53 x. David Henry (1894-)

54 xi. Clara (Claire) (1897-)

22. Nancey AVERY. b. ca 1865 Nova Scotia.

23. Phillip AVERY. b. 1852 Tor Bay, NS. On 7 Jan 1874 when Phillip was 22, he m. Mary RICHARD, in Port Felix, NS.

24. Thomas AVERY. b. ca 1850. Occupation: fisherman.

25. William AVERY. b. ca 1851. Occupation: fisherman.

26. Simon AVERY. b. ca 1855. Occupation: fisherman.

27. Paul Jean AVERY. b. ca 1858. Occupation: fisherman.

28. Judick AVERY. b. ca 1857.

29. Isaac AVERY. b. ca 1853. Occupation: fisherman.

30. Paul AVERY. b. ca 1855. Occupation: fisherman.

31. George AVERY. b. ca 1858.

32. Elizabeth AVERY. b. ca 1846.

33. Nancey AVERY. b. ca 1852.

34. Mary A. AVERY. b. ca 1856.

35. John AVERY. b. ca 1862.

36. Hubert AVERY. b. ca 1864.

37. Moses AVERY. b. ca 1867.

38. Mathew AVERY. b. ca 1850. Occupation: fisherman.

39. Hubert AVERY. b. ca 1855. Occupation: fisherman.

Fifth Generation

40. Margaret AVERY. b. ca 1873 Larry’s River, Guysborough Co., NS.

41. Mary AVERY. b. ca 1874 Larry’s River, Guysborough Co., NS.

42. Charles AVERY. b. ca 1877 Larry’s River, Guysborough Co., NS.

43. Catherine AVERY. b. 1880 Larry’s River, Guysborough Co., NS.

44. Elizabeth AVERY. b. Larry’s River, NS. Elizabeth d. Larry’s River, NS.

45. Benjamin AVERY. b. Larry’s River, NS. Benjamin d. Larry’s River, NS.

46. Mary Jane AVERY. b. ca 1879 Larry’s River, NS. Mary Jane d. ca 1973; age 94. bef 1900 when Mary Jane was 21, she m. Daniel RICHARDS.

47. Abraham Henry AVERY. b. Jul 1881 Larry’s River, NS. Abraham Henry d. Boston, MA ca 1974-77; age 92. Abraham Henry m. Rachel WILKENSON.

48. Charlotte AVERY. b. Aug 1882 Larry’s River, NS. Occupation: Nurse in Whittier, CA. Charlotte m. Col. _______ STICKNEY.

49. William Henry (known as Henry) AVERY. b. Oct 1885 Larry’s River, NS. Occupation: Managed a rubber plantation and hunted crocodiles in Borneo.

Henry m. Ida LAMONT.

50. Joseph Edward AVERY. b. Oct 1887 Larry’s River, NS. Joseph Edward d. in France 1918; age 30. Occupation: bef 1916? Bellhop in New York hotel;
enlisted in US Army in WWI, crossed to France in 1917.


**51. James Henry AVERY. b. 5 Jan 1890 Larry’s River, NS. James Henry d. Cambridge, MA 5 Oct 1973; age 83. On 14 Oct 1917 when James Henry was 27, he
m. Mary Agnes HAYES, dau. of Patrick HAYES & Katherine SULLIVAN, in church of St. Matthew, Dorchester, MA. b. 9 Oct 1893 Ashland, MA. Mary Agnes d.

Cambridge, MA 18 May 1992; age 98.


They had the following children:

55 i. Charlotte Marie (1918-)

56 ii. Joseph Edward (1919-1997)

**57 iii. Robert Henry (1922-) (my father)

58 iv. Elizabeth Ann (1925-)

59 v. George Alexander (1928-)

52. Leah AVERY. b. Mar 1892, Larry’s River, NS. Leah m. Bill SHEA.

53. David Henry AVERY. b. Apr 1894 Larry’s River, NS. Occupation: worked for the library bureau on Albany St., Cambridge, MA before moving to Tonawanda,  NY. David Henry m. May McSHANE.

54. Clara (Claire) AVERY. b. 27 Nov 1897 Cambridge, MA. Clara m. Leo CURRAN.


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