Persons from Whitehead buried in the United and Baptist
Cemeteries in Canso

(from Guysborough County Courthouse Museum)

Cranswick Munroe, son of Levi Munroe, W.H., died Aug 14, 1948, age 78: his wife Lola B. Hawse died on April 19, 1948, age 71.

Angus Munroe, son of Andrew and Mary Munroe, died May 6, 1940, his wife Minnie Dicks died Aug. 1959. She was born in 1875.

James Feltmate died July 6, 1922, age 65.

Cranswick Feltmate, son of James Feltmate, L.W.H. born 1861, died 1947

Persons off the Steam Trawler, Cambodia stranded at Canso on Aug 3, 1911, buried at Canso.

Cranswick Munroe died Nov 5, 1952. He was the son of Cranswick and Lola Munroe.

Peter Munroe Feb 10 - Nov 8, 1875

William Perry, born at Northeast Harbour, Shelburn Co., 1796 - July 16, 1818.

George Myers 1876 - 1957, his wife Maud Munroe 1881 - 1948.

Persons off the trawler S.S. Mickado, lost at sea May 24, 1924: Capt'n William Saxby and crew member T. Haley.

David Schrader, born May 16, 1882, died Feb 2, 1951.

Edward Whitman born Dec 16, 1861, died in Halifax Nov 23, 1925, his wife Alice D. died June 15, 1922.

Abraham Whitman born Mar. 28, 1814; died on Jan 16, 1899. His wife Levinia died Jan. 29, 1905.

Clement Whitman, brother to Ed & Abe. Born in 1846, died in 1932.

Annie Feltmate, wife of Frank Hawse died Dec. 8, 1904.


Buried in Anglican Cemetery in Canso

Isaac Whitman, brother to A.E.C., born in 1850, died in 1922.

George Self died on Dec 13, 1923 age 69.


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