People buried in the Old Methodist Cemetery at Lower Whitehead

(list found at Guysborough County Courthouse Museum)

Alexander Munroe died May 25, 1950. His wife Lettie, born 1866 died of pneumonia March 1, 1943. Their son Truman died in August 1956.

James W. Feltmate died Nov 6, 1915. His wife Charlotte died 1922.  Their son Joseph died of cancer Aug 16, 1943. Age 69.

Hannah E. Conrad died May 18, 1945. Age 86.

Walter Feltmate died on Feb. 5, 1934.

Levi Munroe died on April 5, 1917. Age 76 or 36 (on typewritten sheet, 7 and 3 on top of one another, the 7 looks more prominent, and the next entry looks to be his wife, so most likely age 76)

Martha Pyle, wife of Levi Munroe, 1844 - 1910.  Their daughter Dessie died Sept 10, 1888, age 19.

Andrew Munroe died on July 13, 1913., age 88.  His wife Margaret died Mar. 26, 1913, age 81.

Rufus Munroe died Feb. 10, 1910, Age 69. His wife Eleanor died on Jan 12, 1912. Their son Almon died on June 16, 1924.

Rueban Munroe and his son Austen drowned on January 4, 1910 in a blizzard. Reuban's wife June died on April 3, 1929. Their son Rueban drowned at Whale Island near Raspberry, Yankee Harbor in 1902. and their son Matthew lost when the vessel Dorin vanished in 1933.

Elizabeth Lamb, Wife of Hugh Munroe born March 28, 1813,  died August 22, 1893

Thomas Munroe age 70 and his son Freeman Age 40, both drowned off Bear Island, Canso on September 14, 1901.

William Munroe, born Nov 22, 1819, died Mar. 20, 1909.  His wife Mae E Lamb, born May 14, 1821, died Aug 19, 1908.

William Feltmate, son of Cyrus Feltmate, Yankee Harbour, a veteran of WWI, died on September 3, 1946. His brother Walter died of T.B. Feb 5, 1939. age 42.

Alfred F. Munroe vorn [sic] 1877, died June 9, 1954.

Rupert Walton Dogdon [sic] died on July 30, 1911, age 16.

Sophia D. Peitzche died of  TB on Jan 17, 1909 at age 49. Her husband Joseph Peitzsche died of a heart attack on Dec 11, 1922, aged 82. Their son Clayton died on October 23, 1909 aged 9. Their son Joseph Jr. died of pneumonia on Jan 27, 1923. Their son Howard died of TB on June 6, 1937. Their son Spergin was drowned on May 28, 1940. Their son Edgar died of a stroke on Aug 27, 1955.

Norman Alexander Munroe, born in 1864 and died on May 25, 1930. His wife Maud George born in 1882 and died in 1934

Dessie F Munroe, daughter of Hugh Munroe, was born in 1891, and died Aug. 7, 1896.

James Peitzche died of old age on July 29, 1937.

Herman L. Feltmate died on Nov. 10, 1918.

Hiller Feltmate, died at age 5 months.  He was the son of G. H. Feltmate.

A man by the name of Leland is also buried in the graveyard.

William G. Harris died on July 27, 1905 aged 70. His son William Jr. was born in 1862, and died in 1938 on Dec 18.  William G. Harris' first wife Mary, died on Jan 17, 1903.  William's second wife Maud, who was born in 1869, died in 1934.  William and Mary's daughter Elizabeth died in 1934.  William and Mary's daughter Annie M. was born in 1885, and died in 1887.

Wesley Munroe, born in 1887, died on June 4, 1945.  His wife Eliza Maud (George), born in 1884 died in 1956.  Their daughter Aleta, born in 1907, died in 1920.

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