Gate of Heaven Cemetery, Lower Sackville
collected by Fred Sullivan - Spring 2002

These ones were collected by a friend who knows some of the names I am researching. Hopefully this summer I will get there to collect more stones.


Gerald D.
Mary E.
1924 -
1924 - 1987


Joseph F. King
May 27, 1887 - May 8, 1957
His Wife
Catherine George
Oct 12, 1888 - Feb 13, 1960

In Loving Memory Of
Martha M.
1907 - 1957

(White ground stone at the foot of the above)
In Loving Memory
Martha M. King
1907 - 1957



Persons from the area buried at Gate of Heaven, Lower Sackville
These are people that show from obituaries are buried at Gate of Heaven - It may be that their spouse was born in the area. I've included some Canso and Queensport area people in the list.
Name Birth location Spouse
Armsworthy, Kenneth Havelock Philips Harbour Hendsbee, Lena
Askew, William E. 'Buster', Sr. Halifax Avery, Anita
Bellefontaine, Elizabeth Munroe Port Felix Bellefontaine, John
Bellefontaine, Placid D Port Felix Dorey, Mabel
Bellefountain, Joseph Freeman Port Felix
Berrigan, Patrick William Canso Waugh, Dorothy
Bond, William Henry Canso Adeline
Boudreau, Agnes Munroe Little Dover Boudreau, Albert 'Alf'
Boudreau, J. Lloyd Little Dover
Boutilier, Agatha Boudreau Port Felix Boutilier, William Calvin
Casey, Charlotte King Halifax / Port Felix Casey, Dennis Stephen
Casey, Dennis Stephen American Harbour King, Charlotte Veronica
Casey, Hugh Joseph


Mosher, Tina
Casey, Joseph "Earl" Bertrum Port Felix Duffy, Teresa Margaret
Casey, Thomas Alonzo Charlos Cove
Cashen, Alexander Andrew 'Alex' Port Felix Pellerine, Christina Elizabeth
Cashen, Christina Pellerine Port Felix Cashen, Alexander Andrew 'Alex'
Cashin, John Daniel Port Felix David, Melinda
Cashin, Melinda David Port Felix Cashin, John Daniel
Conway, Bridget Horne Little Dover Conway, John Edmund
Conway, Clyde E. Canso Rehberg, Mary
Conway, James Patrick 'Jimmy' Canso Beaton, Marie
Cooper, Glenda Hattie Canso Cooper, Dale
Covin, Ida Creamer Philips Harbour Covin, Albert
David, Angelie Boudreau Port Felix David, John
Delaney, Johanna Gerrior Charlos Cove Delaney, Samuel Simon
Delaney, Samuel Simon Cap Le Moyne, Inverness County Gerrior, Johanna Hilda 'Josie'
Deschenes, Catherine Pellerine Port Felix Deschenes, Roger
Dolan, Laura Horne Little Dover Dolan, William J.
Dort, Eleanor Cashin Port Felix Dort, John C. 'Jack', Captain
Fitzgerald, Jerome Martin Queensport Eisan, Gwendolyn
Fogarty, Basil S. Canso Mombourquette, Laura Mae
Fogarty, J. Patrick Fox Island Conway, Elva
Franklin, Ellen George Halfway Cove or Canso Franklin, William Stanley
Gentles, Brian Michael Halifax O'Hearn, Tina Marie
George, Howard Alexander Janvrin's Harbor Pellerine, Annie Edna
George, Joseph Courtney Halifax ?
George, Martha O'Brien


George, Thomas Jerome
George, Thomas Jerome White Head O'Brien, Martha
Gerrior, Gertrude Pettipas Larry's River? Gerrior, Pierre-Peter
Gomes, Blanche Rennie Halifax Gomes, Claud Allister
Gomes, Victor Ernest Halifax Irene
Graham, Faye Brundige Halifax Graham, Kenneth
Grover, Martin Elliwishes Halifax
Halbot, Alfred Sandy Point, Nfld Gerrior, Marguerite J.
Horne, Eva Casey Charlos Cove Horne, John
Keating, Mary Casey Charlos Cove Keating, Leo
Keefe, Clarence Alexander Little Dover Ryan, Mary Elizabeth
Keefe, Mary Ryan Canso Keefe, Clarence Alexander
King, Catherine George Port Felix King, Joseph Freeman
King, Joseph Freeman Port Felix George, Catherine Margaret 'Cassie'
King, Mary DeLorey Port Felix King, Gerald D.
LaPierre, Arthur A. Halifax Cashin, Louise
Leahy, Elizabeth Rogers Canso Leahy, Joseph
Levandier, Dennis Simon Port Felix George, Nellie
Levandier, Donald Leo Port Felix Kelly, Kathleen
Levandier, Nellie George Halfway Cove Levandier, Dennis Simon
MacDonald, Donald Patrick Halifax Pellerin, Margaret 'Lillian'
Manuel, John A. Canso Harnish, Effie Gladys
Marr, Johanna LeBlanc Port Felix Marr, Peter John
Marr, Peter John Guys Co. LeBlanc, Johanna
McEwan, Dorothy Sampson Little Dover McEwan, Gordon
Mead, Mary George Halifax Mead, Rupert Clarence
Misener, William 'George' Dartmouth George, Margaret
Murphy, Catherine Sullivan Canso Murphy, John Edward
O'Leary, Mary Guysborough Co.
Peitzsche, Alice Casey Port Felix Peitzsche, William Leander
Peitzsche, Anthony 'Tony' Canso
Pellerin, Charles Nicholas Port Felix King, Mary Elizabeth "Taunte"
Pellerin, Cyril George Larry's River Pellerin, Esther Helen Marie
Pellerin, Lawrence Port Felix Marr, Margaret Deltine
Pellerin, Leo Francis Larry's River Richard, Victoria
Pellerin, Margaret Marr Port Felix Pellerin, Lawrence
Pellerin, Rose Fougère New Glasgow Pellerin, Hubert
Pellerin, Russell Francis Port Felix Green, Barbara
Pellerin, Victoria Richard Charlos Cove Pellerin, Leo Francis
Pellerine, Diana Saurette St. Joseph, Manitoba Pellerine, William Sylvester
Pellerine, Lawson Edward Port Felix Haines, Amanda
Pellerine, Mary Pelrine Nova Scotia Pellerine, Remi
Pellerine, William Sylvester Port Felix Saurette, Diana Aurore
Pelrine, Clement Larry's River Jenton, Edith Helena
Pelrine, John Austin Halifax Benvie, Annette
Pelrine, Joseph Stanley Dennis Halifax Romans, Beulah Hilda
Pelrine, Mary David Port Felix Pelrine, William John 'Bill'
Pelrine, Violet Quaintance Halifax Pelrine, Clarence Angus
Pelrine, William John 'Bill' Larry's River David, Mary 'Irene'
Pelrine, Yvonne Cormier Bathurst, NB Pelrine, Paul
Pettipas, Phillip 'Pepe' Larry's River Beranger, Mary Emma
Pitts, Frederick Larry's River Bourque, Pauline
Richard, Leonard Joseph Charlos Cove
Ryan, Rita Mary Louise, Sister Canso
Schrader, Elizabeth Avery Larry's River Schrader, James Wilbert
Schrader, James Wilbert Canso Avery, Elizabeth Sophie
Shea, Gregory Thomas Larry's River Kempton, Marie
Wall, Marguerite Bond Halfway Cove Wall, Stanislaus 'Stan'
White, James Francis 'Jim' Halifax Cashin, Kate


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