McALPINE'S 1907-08 Provincial Directory
Armsworthy Christopher, fisher
Cashen Thomas, fisher
Conrod Alonzo, fisher
Conroll Edward, wharfinger
Conway Anthony, fisher
Diggdon Wm, far & fshr
Duncan Angus, blacksmith
Duncan Samuel, fisher
Duncan Samuel C, fisher
Feltmate Angus, fisher
Feltmate Augustus, fisher
Feltmate Galford, fisher
Feltmate James C, fisher
Feltmate Joseph, fisher
Feltmate Lones, fisher
Feltmate Robert, fisher
Feltmate Thos E, fisher
Feltmate Walter, fisher
Feltmate Wm, fisher
Fitzgerald Andrew, fisher
Fitzgerald John D, fisher
Fitzgerald Wm, fisher
George Abraham, fisher
George Daniel, fisher
George Levi, fisher
George William E, fisher
Grover Clement M, fisher
Grover George A, fisher
Grover Isaac A, fisher
Grover Isaac M, fisher
Grover James E, fisher
Grover John, fisher
Grover John E, fisher
Grover John J, fisher
Grover Joseph, fisher
Grover Sidney, fisher
Grover William H, fisher
Guyse Charles, fisher
Haley Andrew jr, fisher
Haley Andrew, Mrs, wid
Harris W S, gen mcht & p m
Hefferman Joseph, fisher
Kirby Burton, fisher
McDonald Edward, clerk
McDonald Valentine, gen store
McDuff Forest, fisher
McDuff Leander, fisher
McDuff Levi, fisher
McKenzie Jasper, fisher
McKenzie John, fisher
McKenzie Rufus, fshr
Mosher Charles, fisher
Munro Alden D, fisher
Munro Alex jr, fisher
Munro Alexander H, fisher
Munro Alfred C, fisher
Munro Alfred T, fisher
Munro Allen E, fisher
Munro Almon, fisher

Munro Alonzo, fisher
Munro Andrew, fisher
Munro Andrew D, fisher
Munro Andrew sr, fisher
Munro Angus, fisher
Munro Angus C, fisher
Munro Arthur, fisher
Munro Burton, fisher
Munro Charles, fisher
Munro Daniel H, fisher
Munro Eben E, fisher
Munro Edgar, fisher
Munro Edward, fisher
Munro Enos L, cstms officer
Munro George D, fisher
Munro George H, fisher
Munro Harvey S, fisher
Munro Howard, fisher
Munro Hugh P, fisher
Munro Levi, fisher
Munro Lowden, fisher
Munro Matthew, fisher
Munro Melbourne, fisher
Munro Norman, fisher
Munro Perry, fisher
Munro Reuben, fisher
Munro Rufus, fisher
Munro Thurlo, fisher
Munro Wesley, fisher
Munro William J, fisher
Munro Wm L, lighthouse kpr
Myers William, fisher
Peitzch Edgar, fisher
Peitzch James, fisher
Peitzch Joseph, fisher
Peitzch Wm J, fisher
Price Joseph, fisher
Richard Norman, fisher
Richardson Norman, fisher
Roberts J W, foreman Portland Packing Co
Snow Austin, fisher
Snow James, fisher
Snow Jeremiah, fisher
Snow Samuel, fisher
Snow Solomon, fisher
Snow William, fisher
Spears David, fisher
Spears George, fisher
Spears John, fisher
Uloth Abraham, fisher
Uloth James, fisher
Uloth John S, fisher
Uloth Joseph, fisher
Uloth Joseph jr, fisher
Wells Howard, clerk
Wells James, lighthouse kpr
Wells John S, gen merchant
Wells Wm A, school tchr

information extracted from NSARM website
All of Guysborough County is listed alphabetically




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