McALPINE'S 1907-08 Provincial Directory
Avery Hubert, fisher
Belfontain John, fisher
Belfontain Rennie, fisher
Belfontain Stephen, fisher
Belfontain Wm, fisher
Bond James, fisher
Bond Joseph, fisher
Bond Wm, fisher
Boudreau Benjamin, fisher
Boudreau David, master mariner
Boudreau Edward, fisher
Boudreau George, fisher
Boudreau Hubert, fisher
Boudreau J Edward, fisher
Boudreau John, fisher
Boudreau Master J, fisher
Boudreau Norman, fisher
Boudreau Stephen, fisher
Boudreau Thomas, fisher
Boudreau William C, fisher
Brussard Rev F, Catholic
Casey Jerry, fisher
Cashen Ernest, fisher
Cashen Francis, fisher
Cashen George, fisher
Cashen John D, fisher
Cashen Martin, fisher
Cashen Stephen, fisher
Conway James, fisher
Cox Andrew, fisher
David Benjamin, fisher
David Chas, Mrs, wid
David Harriet, wid
David John, fisher
David Joseph, fisher
David Lawrence, fisher
David Luke, fisher
DeCoste Edward, farmer
DeCoste Lewis, fisher
DeCoste Simon, fisher
Doirion John, fisher
Fougere Daniel, fisher
Fougere Edward, fisher
Fougere James, fisher
Fougere Joseph, fisher
Fougere Maurice, fisher
Fougere Simon, fisher
Fougere Thomas, fisher
Gellow David, fisher
Gellow Fred, fisher

King Benjamin, fisher
King Frederick, fisher
King Isaac, fisher
King Jeffrey, fisher
King John W, fisher
King Joseph, fisher
King Simon, fisher
Lawlor Wm, fisher
LeBlanc Charles, fisher
LeBlanc Rennie, fisher
LeBlanc Simon, fisher
Levangie Geo jr, fisher
Levangie Geo sr, fisher
Levangie Michael, fisher
Levangie Philip, fisher
Levangie Valentine, fisher
Lindon Henry, fisher
McKenzie Hermon, laborer
McKenzie Simon, fisher
Meagher John, fisher
Meagher Joseph, fisher
Meagher Simon, fisher
Munro Freeman, fisher
Nowlan Alfred, fisher
Pelrine Abraham, fisher
Pelrine Abraham jr, fisher
Pelrine Augustus, fisher
Pelrine Charles, fisher
Pelrine George, fisher
Pelrine Gilbert, fisher
Pelrine Harris, fisher
Pelrine Isaac, fisher
Pelrine Jeffrey, fisher
Pelrine John, fisher
Pelrine Joseph, fisher
Pelrine Rammie, fisher
Pelrine Simon, fisher
Pelrine Thomas, fisher
Pelrine Vincent, fisher
Pelrine William, fisher
Richard Benj, fisher
Richard Edward, fisher
Richard Hubert, fisher
Richard Joseph G, fisher
Richard Joseph sr, fisher
Richard Morton, fisher
Richard Thomas, fisher
Richard Wm H, fisher
Richardson John, fisher
Sampson Morris, fisher
Sampson Wm, fisher

information extracted from NSARM website
All of Guysborough County is listed alphabetically




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