Lovell's 1871 Directory
Port Felix formerly called Molasses Harbor
A fishing settlement on Torbay, township of Wilmot, county of Guysborough. Distant from Guysborough 30 miles, Mail bi-weekly. Population about 200
Avery Michael fisherman
Boudrot Alexander way office
Boudrot Dominique fisherman
Boudrot Edward fisherman
Boudrot George fisherman
Boudrot Hubert fisherman
Boudrot Joseph fisherman
Boudrot Lewis fisherman
Boudrot Peter fisherman
Boudrot Peter sen. fisherman
Boudrot Stephen way office keeper
Belfountaine Stephen fisherman
Belfountaine William fisherman
Cashan John fisherman
Cashan Thomas fisherman
Cashan William fisherman
David Andrew fisherman
David Charles fisherman
David J J.P.
David John fisherman
David Lawrence fisherman
David Simon fisherman
David William fisherman
Decost Edward fisherman
Decost Joseph fisherman
Foujere Alexander fisherman
Foujere Joseph fisherman
Foujere Joseph fisherman
Foujere Morrice fisherman
Foujere William fisherman
Geleo David fisherman
King Frederick fisherman
Leblanc Charles fisherman
Leblanc Eli fisherman
LeBlanc Thomas fisherman
Levany Abraham fisherman
Levany George fisherman
Levany Valentin fisherman
Meagher Joseph fisherman
Pelraine Charles fisherman
Pelraine Desire fisherman
Pelraine Edward fisherman
Pelraine Gilbert fisherman
Pelraine Henry fisherman
Pelraine Michael fisherman
Pelraine Philip fisherman
Pelraine Simon fisherman
Richard Thomas fisherman
Richards Hubert fisherman
Richards Joseph fisherman
Ring* Benjamin fisherman
Ring* Isaac fisherman
Sampson Morris fisherman
* Ring is quite possibly King


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