1901 Guysborough County Census
If I was in doubt about an entry, there are question marks'???'
If there is a '*', it is an entry that has some doubt, ie, the birthdates given and the ages don't add up.
Also I have found that the majority of birthdates are not correct . I think I have found two so far, that actually match the dates from church records, but they at least give an idea of where to look.
I am trying to be as careful as possible but, if you find an error, please let me know
by dropping me a note at ezor@hfx.andara.com

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Whitehead district (includes Port Felix & Cole Harbour)
Lawsen, Jamison, O'Neil, Munro, Atwater, Williams, Myers
Myers, George, Munro, Tanner, Peeples, Cummings, Dort
Dort, Uloth, Myers, Munro
Munro, Uloth, Grover, David
Cashen, Pelrine, Levangie, David, Emmons, Boudro, Richard
Richard, Levangie, David, Foughere, Barry, Pelrine, Kennedy, Cameron, McConnell
Avery, Boudro, Sampson, Dorong (Doiron) , Casey, McKenzie
David, Smith, Hannifin, Broussard, Meagher, Cashen, King, Boudro, Belfountain
Belfountain, Avery, Boudro, King, Jellow, Gice, Levangie, Leblanc, Munro, Pelrine, Bown (Bond)
Bown (Bond), Decost, Sampson, King, Cox, Haley
Haley, Pelrine, King, Richard, Belfountain, Foughere
Foughere, Lapierre, King, David, Linden, Pelrine
Pelrine, LaVert, Bown, Conway, Roberts, McKenzie, Kirby, Duncan, Uloth, McDuff
McDuff, Feltmate, Uloth, Grover, Duncan
Duncan, Grover, Munro, Wells, Dillon
Dillon, McDonald, Myers, George, Price, McKenzie, Munro, Haley, Hawes
Munro, Conway, Digdon, Smith, Harris, Flynn
McKenzie, Munro, Dicks, George, Uloth
Uloth, Munro, Feltmate, Hefferman, Armsworthy, Grover
Grover, Sangster, Richardson, McKenzie, George, Snow, Carter, Feltmate
Feltmate, Snow, George, Petzich
Feltmate, Mosher, Conrad, Munro
Spears, Anderson, Fitzgerald, Lawlor, Phalen, Pelrine, Casey
Casey, Wells, Feltmate, Snow, Munro, Grover, Reddy


Larry's River district (Charlos Cove and Tor Bay)
This section is not done yet, but the National Archives of Canada has the images for the area online - using the index below will make it easier to find the names you are looking for
page 1
Deoing (Doiron), Fougere, Gerrior, Parrow, DeGruchy Pettipaws, Avery
page 2
Avery, Hushard, Pettipaws, Lavandier, Pelrine, Husher Levangie
page 3
Pettipaw, Bonvie, Husher, Pettipaws, Decoste, Avery Housher, Lavangie, Girrior, Jerrior
page 4
Pettipaw, Barrett, Girrior, Fougere
page 5
Fougere, Girrior, Pelrine, Mahoney, Murphy
page 6
Pelrine, Manette, Pettipaw
page 7
Pelrine, Mannette, Mathe, Chisholm, Bonvie, McDonald
page 8
Pelrine, Avery, Lavangie
page 9
Avery, Pelrine, Richard
page 10
Pelrine, Avery, Pettipaws
page 11
Avery, Webber, Jameson, Greencorn, Peart, Gamon, GamC????, Shrader
page 12
Webber, Sangster, Patton, Payzants, Gammon, Gamon, William
page 13
Gammon, Shield, Greencorn, Richard, Girrior, Lavangie, Pelrine, Bennette, Decoste
page 14
Richard, Casey
page 15
Richard, Lavangie
page 16
Richard, McLellan
page 17
Richard, Pelrine, Dorion, Pettipaw, Pitts
page 18
Richard, Dorion, Snider, Delory, Cassie, Grover, Cassey
page 19


The National Archives of Canada has posted 1901 census images


To view Larry's River , Charlos Cove and Tor Bay enter
"Larrys River" into the search engine.
To view Port Felix, White Head, Cole Harbour enter
"Whitehead" into the search engine.
I have put a surname index here

Also there are transcriptions of the 1901 census available at

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